Catalog of women's haircuts. Name of haircuts, description, photo

Fashionable models of haircuts - 2018: the most popular variants with a photo

In the upcoming fashion season in the arsenal of fashionistas, dynamic, airy haircuts, the main purpose of which is to emphasize the vitality, naturalness of their hostesses.

Fashionable square - 2018: current models

Cutting quads will never go out of fashion. Thanks to stylists every year it is transformed.

Fashionable pixie - 2018 for short and medium hair

Pixie haircut leads the podium. Thanks to new solutions, women of fashion are guaranteed a non-repellent style.

Haircut "Cascade" for medium and long hair

Cascade is the favorite haircut of most women. It is able to hide the shortcomings of any type of face and create a volume

Asymmetric haircuts: who are fit, photo

Asymmetry successfully corrects the square and round shape of the face, and also looks great on the full girls.

Haircut Bob: Fashion Models

Haircut Bob on short and medium hair Bob has many options, it can be adapted to any type of face. This haircut is very practical.

"Pixie": popular models

Pixie is a bold choice for business, confident women. She is able to rejuvenate the face and refresh the image. Fidgety "feathers" emphasize the style

Haircut "Cap"

The cap looks gentle and feminine. This is an excellent choice for romantic girls with short hair

"Bob-kary": a stylish symbiosis

Haircut Bob-kara is an impeccably stylish and original "symbiosis" of two famous haircuts

"The page" for short and medium hair

The page will advantageously emphasize the correct oval face and focus on your eyes. This haircut is already considered "retro," but modern grading gives it a novelty

Haircuts on the "leg" for short hair

Short haircuts "on the leg" can have a variety of shapes - straight, oblique, with filirovaniem, with a "torn" structure, or, conversely, in the form of a magnificent "helmet" in the style of Cleopatra.

Fashionable short haircuts

Female haircuts for short hair allow you to create the most daring image, emphasize the dignity of appearance.

"Aurora" - guest from the 80's

Aurora came to us from the distant 80's, but still does not go out of fashion. Modern designers have updated it and the hairstyle "played"

"Scaffold" on medium and long hair

Lesenka creates on the hair coquettish steps that frame the face and give you a feminine image

Haircut Debut, photo

A distinctive feature of this hairstyle is that the curls frame the face in the form of an arc. Haircut gives volume.

Sisson haircut, options

It surprises with its versatility and will look equally harmonious on short and medium hair.

Womens haircut Gavroche

Gavrosh provides for short strands on the back of the head and temples. Going down, the length of the hair slightly increases.

Haircut "Rhapsody"

Rhapsody is performed by applying one strand to the other, while all the hair is combed back, milled.

Haircut "Caprice"

It was created for slender, refined ladies, and also possesses a "swan" neck.

Haircuts to the shoulders

Hair length to the shoulders of women do not go out of fashion, because they are very comfortable and feminine.


The versatility of this hairstyle allows you to lay your hair in both classic style and fashionable styling.

French haircut

The main difference between French hairstyles is the volume in the back of the neck. A fringe is mandatory.

Fervent "Italian"

Italian is very similar to an ordinary cascade, so just one master can distinguish one haircut from another.

Haircut "Fox's tail"

This haircut will emphasize the beauty of long thick hair. She looks very fashionable, natural and natural.

Haircut Pixie Bob

Combining two fashionable haircuts in one, the stylists delighted fashionistas. Elongated strands look original.

Haircut Lob (long-bob)

A long bean is a favorite haircut of Hollywood stars. It allows you to emphasize the beauty and shine of healthy hair and is easy to lay.

With long strands

Bob and square with long strands are often chosen by chubby fashionistas. Such a haircut will balance the proportions of the face and hide the chubby cheeks.

"She-wolf": fashion options

Haircut "She-wolf" resembles the head of this wild beast. Daring, fervent, she conquered the hearts of fashionable women of the 80's and is loved by many so far.

Haircut Wave-bob

Wave-bob - the so-called "curly bean" stylists of Hollywood stars. This haircut looks feminine, exquisite and elegant.

Haircuts with shaven temple

Haircuts with shaved temples are increasingly choosing glamorous women of fashion. Today it's stylish!

Haircut "under the pot"

Women's haircuts "under the pot" - a daring choice for a fashionable girl, who probably will sing you out from the crowd.

Haircut "Sheggie"

Cut "Sheg" like a young girl, and a respectable lady. Careless, eccentric, creative, stylish!

Womens haircut Iroquois

The feminine haircut of the Iroquois looks very original and even futuristic. It has several options.