How to choose the right haircut to the face

How to choose the right haircut to the face

Often, female representatives want to change their image, thinking through a new look to the smallest detail. However, in order for the updated image to correctly emphasize all the advantages and mask some disadvantages, it is important to choose the hairstyle option correctly .

How to choose a haircut, considering the external features - a question that worries any person who wants to change. When choosing a future hairstyle should be guided by the type of person, as well as pay attention to the condition of the hair and female age.

Correct haircut for a round face

The round shape represents equal proportions of length and width, while the chin has a pronounced rounded outline. As a rule, the hair growth line in this case also has a rounded appearance. Having a round face it is necessary to visually add to it the missing length, and for this it is important to choose a hairdo correctly.

A great solution will be high stowage, because visually they will lengthen the shape of the face. You can comb the hair back, but it is important to take into account the shape of the nose.

For those wishing to have short haircuts , it is recommended to stop the selection on stepped variants that visually help to transform the face, adding the missing length. The parting can be located in the center or diagonally - it all depends on personal preferences.

A great idea is long hair . Balance the available proportions will help large curly locks, and make the face the narrowest - trimmed on one side bangs.

How to choose a haircut for a square face

Type of face "square" in addition to the same length and width has an oblong chin. The forehead, cheekbones and lower jaw are located on one flat line and have the same width. When choosing a hairstyle, it is important to try to visually correct the rough lines, lengthening the face and giving the lower part a softer outline.

For a square type, there are varieties of high hairstyles . Prefer parted, located on the side, or even its absence. You can leave loose long hair with curled locks or perform common stepped haircuts.

How to choose the right haircut for an oval face

Female spokesmen with an oval shape were lucky: this type of person is considered an ideal and is characterized by proportional lines. To happy owners of the ideal form, almost any variation of hairstyles is suitable, but it is worth remembering the structure of the curls.

For fine hair, it is desirable to choose haircuts to the middle of the chin, and the ends of the strands should be profiled. For lovers of a brow you can safely wear them: any shape and density is allowed.

Women of mature age do not want to wear hair below their shoulders. They are recommended to maximally open the face.

Correct haircut for a triangular face

The triangular face is distinguished by narrowed cheekbones and a sharp chin. Correctly selected hairstyle should visually smooth the disharmony between the upper part of the face and the bottom.

Haircut for a rectangular face

Rectangular face many girls consider rude and unfeminine. Make the image more gentle and romantic will help multi-layer haircuts and soft curls.

Full face: features of the hairstyle

The main task of a hairstyle for a full face is to hide excess volume on the cheeks and visually stretch the face. This can help light curls, oblique bangs and elongated strands near the face.

How to choose a haircut by the type of hair

Thin hair will acquire the missing volume and visual density with the help of a haircut of a bean or a variety of types of quads , however, it is important to choose the right length: the best option is laying up to the line of the chin. A perfect solution will be a rounded ladder made around the shape of the face. Long hair should be excluded, since they will not hold the styling, thereby acquiring an untidy look.

On curly locks, you should perform haircuts so that they preserve their natural beauty and natural appearance. You can make a long bean: from behind, make the hair short, and in front let go of the elongated strands.

Haircuts for thick hair

Owners of thick hair can wear any haircut with dignity. However, if the hair is too heavy, you may face the problem of styling. Try to "thin" the hair with the help of stepped strings or cut it with layers.

For thick hair, a popular variant of shearing layers is good, when the top layer is longer than the lower layer. The hairstyle with a torn contour will look great. With a strong density, it is recommended to wear slanting bangs .

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