Perfect manicure with your own hands

How to make a manicure yourself

How to make a manicure yourself

Beautiful, well-groomed handles like everything. And in order to emphasize the originality of your image, you need to pay particular attention to the nails.

Many girls prefer to process their nails themselves, as the process of manicure itself enthralls, raises the mood, calms, develops creative thinking. And if you still do not take the time to finish the course on nyl-design, our article will help you familiarize yourself with the basic rules of a beautiful fashion manicure.

Choose a nail file

To make the nails look healthy and not exfoliate, it is very important to choose the right nail file. Select the nail file, depending on the structure of your nails.

Iron nail files are not recommended. The very same base of the nail file should be rubber or cardboard.

If you have strong nails, then you can safely use a tool of sand or sapphire species .

If the nails are fragile, layered, choose a fine-grained semi-circular nail file with a buffer zone, which during the process of grinding the nail retain its structure.

Do not file wet or more than that steamed nails, this is harmful to their structure. Wait until your hands dry. Movement during sawing should be done only in one direction - from the tip of the nail to its socket.

We shape the nail

Form for future manicure should be selected depending on the shape of the fingers. Long and thin fingers are more suitable for square marigolds, or strongly pointed. In other cases, the classical oval shape or the so-called "heart" shape is usually chosen. The heart looks best on more plump pens with short fingers.

Oval nails almost do not require correction. You just need to file them from one corner to the other in one direction. The varnish can be applied to the entire surface or left unshaded wells.

It is desirable to optically extend the short nails . You can give them the shape of a slightly elongated rectangle with rounded corners. To this type of nail is most often selected varnishes of light, pastel colors and cover them with the whole surface.

Square nails can be "ennobled" if you give them the shape of a slightly elongated rectangle, minimally rounded. To visually extend the fingers with square nails, it is better not to paint the holes, and cover the nails only with narrow strips of varnish.

Round nails are very difficult to make oval even with the help of a nail file. To narrow and lengthen them optically it is possible, only applying a varnish strips.

2. Grinding will give nails a beautiful shine

To give a beautiful mirror shine to the nails, a polishing nail file will help. Usually these nail files have four surfaces - two with one and two on the other side. Each of the four working surfaces of the nail file must have a corresponding numbering indicating the sequence of polishing the nail plates.

Cuticle Removal

It is best to use the unedged method of removing the cuticle. Grown skin around the nail looks careless. To remove it, a special liquid is applied, gently softening the cuticle and preventing its further growth. When the cuticle softens, push it back around the nail with a special wand with a "claw" made of special soft rubber, or other convenient tool for you. If necessary, the excess skin can be cut.

Deletion of burrs

Before removing the burrs, it is better to steam your hands in a warm bath beforehand.

You can prepare a bath of warm water and 1 teaspoon of glycerin or a small pinch of salt.

After steaming the handle, wipe it dry with a towel. To remove burrs, special tweezers with trihedral tips, which are necessarily disinfected in alcohol solution, are suitable.

In the process of removing the burr the tweezers are located almost perpendicular to the skin. After the procedure, be sure to treat small cuts and wounds with a disinfectant (cologne, alcohol, vodka, etc.).

Selection of varnish

To choose a varnish it is necessary taking into account a shade of a skin of hands and individuality of the form of nails. Girls who have a summer or winter type of appearance are more suitable varnishes with a blue, silvery and pearl note.

If when the skin has a yellowish tinge, warm tones are suitable - classic red, pink, very beautiful in these hands will look golden lacquer.

For long or almond-shaped nails, it is better to choose any saturated shades, dark colors, as well as noble-matte.

The color of the varnish (the main background of the picture) should harmonize with the groan of your makeup and clothes. Blue and blue lacquer is combined with cold tones of lipstick, gray and blue-blue gamma of shadows;
Green - with beige and brown green shades and warm shades of lipstick;
Purple - with gray and purple shades and purple tones of lipstick.

It is much easier to work with light lacquers - the errors of work are less visible, and with bright lacquers one must be very careful - any oversight is immediately evident.

Bright, saturated varnishes are more suitable for parties. In a business setting, extravagant manicures (especially piercings) are unacceptable.

Application of varnish

Nail varnish of questionable quality can harm your nails. Therefore, it is desirable to use a varnish base before applying the varnish. This will protect your nails from the harmful effects of lacquer chemicals. In addition, the base for lacquer nourishes the nails with vitamins and aligns their surface for subsequent coating.

After the varnish-base dries, you can apply a colored varnish. First shake the bottle thoroughly. Then dipped the brush in the lacquer, gently remove excess lacquer on the edge of the neck of the bubble. This will help you avoid the appearance of small bubbles on the surface of the nail.

Applying a varnish is quite simple. Varnish begins to be applied from the middle of the nail. Gently swipe the brush from the base of the nail to the tip. not tearing off brushes. After that, the remaining on the brush varnish paint the sides of the nail.

The second layer of varnish can be applied only after it has dried and the first one is fixed. Otherwise, the double layer will dry very long and you risk ruining your work.

To varnish dry faster, you can hold your fingernails under a stream of cold water. Do not dry the lacquer with a hot hairdryer. The varnish may lose its shine or go bubbling. In addition, hot air spoils nails (the same as hair). After several similar procedures, the nails will begin to break or separate.

The final touch in the manicure is the removal of excess lacquer from the cuticle and the sides of the fingers. This can be done with an ordinary cotton swab, previously moistened in a liquid to remove varnish.

Remember! To permanently preserve the manicure and beauty of nails, protect your hands from the effects of various chemicals. Before any homework wear gloves.

Caring for your hands at least once a week, doing various baths and massage. And your works will not be wasted, but will be appreciated by your beloved man!

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