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Since ancient times, people have noticed that hair cutting is not just a procedure for hair care.

To improve your energy after haircuts, as well as increase the growth and density of hair, you must follow some rules of hair cutting, as well as pay attention to the lunar calendar of hair cutting.

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Calendar of hair cutting

With the help of haircuts, you can improve the person's health, release him from negative energy, or vice versa, provoke the disease. The ritual of circumcision of hair has been conducted for several centuries both in church rituals and in witchcraft.

According to church legends, before the fall of man over his head, a globular halo glowed, which connected the human biofield with the cosmos, and instead of hair there was only soft fluff, as in infants. After the man became a sinner, the energy rays on his head were replaced by hair. Now our hair is the connecting threads between man and the cosmos, through which we receive vital energy.

Perhaps not many of us believe in legends, but in real life, for sure, everyone noticed that after a haircut at a favorite hairdresser, the mood changes immediately, it appears light, as if the stone fell off his shoulders. And sometimes it happens the other way round: after cutting, the hair begins to get tangled, falls out, the mood falls, fatigue appears. The whole secret is that when you cut your hair, your biofield changes.

On the advice of the ancient sages, if you are unwell, try a little trim your hair. Together with the tips of your hair, you will cut off the negative energy of the disease and your body will recover faster.

1. How to choose the right hairdresser. The hairdresser at a hairstyle influences your biofield. If you get to a master who is always benevolent, in high spirits, then your business after a haircut will go uphill. If the hairdresser is nervous, complains about the terrible condition of your hair, after cutting your hair will become dull and lifeless.

The age and life experience of a hairdresser can also influence your destiny. In order not to feel interference during important decisions, choose a hairdresser younger than you or the same age.

If you consider yourself a chronic loser, the haircut of an old, experienced well-known hairdresser can direct your life to the lap of luck. The most positive effect on you will have a hairdresser on favorable days for hair cutting.

The next secret of a successful hairstyle - choose the hairdresser of one sex with you. Remember that when you manipulate hair you can easily be influenced by your master. And if the hairdresser of the opposite sex will have sympathy for you, you may have trouble in your personal life. Remember the story from the Bible, when Samson was ruined by a woman who cut off his hair.

2. Do not cut the hair to yourself. The meaning of this sign is that a person can not himself fix his biofield, that is, it is impossible to heal himself. If your biofield is violated, and in some area of ​​your life you have problems, then you will only aggravate the situation.

Haircut on the lunar calendar

Haircut on the growing moon. Cut your hair with the growing moon, if you want to accelerate their growth.

Haircut on the waning moon. On the waning moon it is useful to get a haircut for those who want to keep their hairstyle longer, as the hair will grow slower. Also, the waning moon will help change the properties of the hair, to prevent them from tangling, smooth the wavy structure, reduce hair loss, strengthen their roots.

Dangerous days for hair cutting. 9, 15, 23, 29 days of the lunar calendar in the people are considered Satanic. To undesirable days of hair cutting, you can add days of solar and lunar eclipse. After a visit to a hairdresser on such days, you run the risk of contracting or disrupting the flow of positive cosmic energy to your body. Also, do not touch the hair on days when the Moon is in the constellation of Cancer and Pisces.

Favorable lunar days for hair cutting

Lunar days are considered to be the most suitable for a haircut: the 5th, 6th, 8th, 11th, 13th, 14th, 19th, 21-23th, 27-28th lunar days.

Successful will also be a haircut on the days of the passage of the moon on the signs of Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Capricorn.

Successful days for hair cutting on the days of the week

Monday is an auspicious day for any manipulation of hair. You can safely change the haircut or hair color. Thanks to such changes, you can throw off all the negative, leaving unresolved problems behind.

A haircut on Tuesday will give you fresh strength in making important decisions, relieve monotony in life.

Change your hairstyle on Wednesday , if you want to experience something new and interesting in life, to make new friends or remember old ones, to go on a trip.

On Thursday, you can get a haircut if you want to become a popular person, change relationships with friends and acquaintances, and increase your chances of success and prosperity.

Friday is a neutral day for haircuts. To get a positive result from a visit to a hairdresser, you need to look into the lunar calendar.

Saturday is a great day for hair cutting. If you believe the ancient legends, this day, along with your hair cut off, you cleanse yourself from the negative influence of some sins, your bio-field is restored, your hair becomes stronger and healthier.

Sunday is not the most successful day for cutting hair. Together with your hair, you can cut off your luck and well-being. For Christian believers, hair cutting on Sunday is considered a sin.

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