Chocolate tan

A beautiful smooth chocolate tan is the dream of many girls and women. There are some simple, and at the same time, quite effective ways of obtaining a rich and beautiful chocolate shade.

To get a chocolate tint:

1. Use the tan amplifiers

2. Eat foods that promote suntan

3. Tanning in the sun, observe the golden rules of a beautiful tan

First of all, in order to get a perfectly even shade of the skin , it must be thoroughly cleaned. For this, before the planned rest, properly "scrape off" the skin of your body. To this end, you can use both folk recipes, for example, coffee grounds, sea salt or honey, and scrubs, which are sold in cosmetics stores.

It should be remembered that a tan is obtained more beautifully and intensively on a well-moisturized skin. Therefore, always moisturize it twice a day.

Chocolate tan: activate pigments

Also, it is worth noting that the skin tans more intensively thanks to the production of pigment melanin. Accordingly, the more it is, the better tan. You can activate it in the following ways:

1. Eat foods that contain beta-carotene - carrots, apricots, melon, pumpkin. The skin will become darker in the sun much faster.

2. Before leaving the sun, lubricate the skin with tanning oil , which contains special ingredients that activate the production of melanin. Irreplaceable helpers of chocolate tan - olive, coconut oil, cocoa butter.

3. You can use oil with a tingle effect (with the effect of ant tan). It improves blood circulation and enhances the production of melanin

Chocolate tan on the sea

Sea beach - the best place where you can get a beautiful chocolate tan. Water well reflects sunlight, so sunbathing at the edge of the water or swimming in the sea, the intensity of sunburn is increased several times. Want a dark skin color - do not wipe the skin after bathing, but leave the right to evaporate in the sun.

Products that promote chocolate tanning

- in cheese, eggs, cottage cheese, liver, fatty fish contains a large amount of vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids, which also contribute to the production of melanin, as well as the restoration of damaged skin cells.

- the production of melanin is activated by eating brown (unpolished) rice, bananas, dates, beans, almonds, peanuts.

- A large amount of beta-carotene, which makes the skin darker in carrots, peaches and apricots, watermelons and melons.

Cosmetics for chocolate tanning

It's natural, cosmetic oils that make healthy, chocolate tan to get even, beautiful and very important. Therefore, after sunbathing, apply to the skin lavender, olive oil, as well as shea butter, cocoa, wheat germ, which contribute to strengthening the skin's protective barrier, restoring the balance of moisture and preventing sloughing of the epidermis.

In no case should you forget about special sunscreens that retain moisture and therefore prevent premature aging of the skin, as well as provide protection from ultraviolet rays.

With special care during this period you need to use various cosmetics. For example, it is worth not to use alcohol-containing lotions and tonics that dehydrate the skin. Also, the use of anti-aging cosmetics, which stimulates the renewal of skin cells, is not recommended. A negative effect on sunburn is provided by various bleaching agents, which include extracts of cucumber, licorice, lactic acid.

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