Make-up lessons. How to Make Beautiful Makeup

New Year's make-up - 2018 in the year of the Yellow Dog

On New Year's Eve everyone wants a little magic. Only at the New Year's party can you afford a make-up with an abundance of sparkles and rhinestones, imagine yourself in the image of the Snow Queen or Fairy Fairy.

Fashionable make-up - 2018

The new season 2018 already dictates its features in makeup. Today in the winter make-up, natural shades and extraordinary solutions are leading. Therefore, fashionable makeup - 2018 can be a manifestation of various attachments.

Eye makeup with blue shadows: fashion images

Blue shadows have a unique feature - they are suitable for any color of eyes and skin. Blue makeup will be appropriate for both the parochial side-by-side and the everyday image.

how to determine the face oval

How to determine the face oval

Properly applied makeup advantageously emphasizes the dignity of the exterior and makes imperceptible individual natural shortcomings. For its correct implementation, certain rules are required. First, you need to clearly define the shape of the face of your face by outlining its contours.

makeup for spring coloring

Shades in makeup by appearance

After you have determined your type of appearance, you can easily find an individual color range of makeup. After all, the main secret in choosing the right shades is harmony with the eyes, hair and skin. The same rules apply to clothes, if it is in harmony with your color type, then it will emphasize your beauty and personality.

Align the skin with a base. Make-up lessons.

The makeup base is a product that contains a pigment that is as close as possible to the natural color of the skin. Competent selection of the basis for make-up helps to eliminate some of the shortcomings of the facial skin and levels its color.

brown eye make-up

Make-up according to the color of the eyes. Make-up lessons

The main thing in makeup is to emphasize the shade of the eyes, to make them more expressive. However, even the most trendy shades of decorative cosmetics can spoil your image if they are picked up incorrectly. In these make-up lessons, we'll try to pick up shadows that are in harmony with your eye color ...

How to make makeup by eye shape

The eyes of every woman by nature have their own unique shape. Accordingly, the technique of applying make-up to emphasize the perfection of the image in each specific case must be individual.

False eyelashes. How correctly to use them?

Beautiful lush eyelashes make the look expressive, which gives the image of their owner a fascinating attraction. However, not all by nature have such a feature of appearance. Modern means of cosmetics can not always achieve the desired result, but properly glued false eyelashes, even at close range, are indistinguishable from natural ones.

eye make-up

How to increase the eyes with makeup?

Beautiful and expressive eyes are a real decoration of the appearance of any woman. This can be achieved by using a well-chosen technique of make-up, which allows you to visually change the shape and size of the eyes, giving them irresistibility and fascination.


Blush: application rules for face shape. Choose the color of the blush

The final touch when performing makeup, which determines the completeness of the image, is the application of blush. Properly applied blush should refresh and rejuvenate the face. To achieve this, you need to correctly choose their color and technique of application in accordance with the individual characteristics of the face.

lip makeup

How to Make Beautiful Lip Makeup

Makeup lips at first glance quite simple and easily feasible procedure. However, in this case there are some features that need to be considered in order to harmonize it with your appearance.

  • How to choose the color of lipstick to face

    How to choose the right mascara

    The choice of mascara is a very important procedure on which the quality of makeup depends. It is best to choose the ink of famous manufacturers. Do not use mascara with expired shelf life or dilute it after thickening. Also you can not use someone else's ink. After use, the jar of mascara needs to be tightly closed.

    Make-up lessons. Correction of the face oval

    Correctly applied makeup can be considered only when it is made in accordance with the main features of appearance, which include the oval face, size and section of the eyes, the length and shape of the nose, the nature of the cheekbones, the size and the fullness of the lips. Competently placed accents help to highlight the main advantages and remove some significant shortcomings.

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