Eye Makeup

For correct application of cosmetics, knowledge and skills are necessary, because only one not exact stroke and the shape of the eye can be visually distorted, giving the appearance a sullen or mocking look. If you wear glasses or are unhappy with the shape of the eyes, then with the help of skilful make-up you can correct almost any flaw.

How to start eye makeup? First step

If you decide to learn how to apply makeup correctly, then you need to disassemble all its stages. So, you should start with the preparation. If you start applying cosmetics on an unprepared face, even ignoring the preliminary washing, then the makeup will not last long, the shadows can quickly crumble, and the mascara will unevenly lay on the lashes, forming lumps. It is required to apply any means for washing, it is desirable that after it there is no effect of tightening the skin, on the eye area - a special light cream for the eyelids. It is well absorbed, but if the remnants of the cream are still present, then they can easily cope with a regular napkin. In the case of puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, an excellent remedy for their elimination is a cooling roller.

What is the basis for the eyelids?

Sometimes shadows, even of high quality, can lose their original brightness during the day, roll down or completely disappear, and a special base under the shadows can hold them. It will facilitate the application of shadows and eyeliner, and making feathering will be much easier. Absorbing the subcutaneous fat, which is released throughout the day, it creates a matting effect, and it in turn will not allow the shadows to roll. The basis for the eyelids can be in the form of a cream or powder. For beginners, it's best to start with the first option. The agent is applied to the upper eyelid and slightly "driven" with the pads of the fingers. Friable base lies in two layers with the help of a special brush. Surplus it simply cleaned with a wadded disk. Applying transparent powder from the top - will complete the preparation for the main make-up.

Stage two: we correct the circles under the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes are simply unacceptable for a woman's face. No tonal cream, applied with a thick layer or powder, can cope with them, after a while the circles will again appear and the species will be far from ideal. Dark circles are incompatible with shades of gray and blue hues.

The cream-corrector is created specially for such purposes, it is necessary to give preference to such cream, which will be one and a half tone lighter than the complexion. After its application, the swelling and the circles under the eyes quickly disappear under its layer. Apply and distribute the corrector on the lower eyelid with the help of a sponge.

If the corrector could not cope, then you can try to apply the yellow konsiller , but if you do not have the skills, when hurry, it's better not to experiment. For the sample you can buy such a tool in the store, for light-skinned people a slightly yellowish tint is suitable, for orange skin it is necessary to choose orange skin. The finishing touch is the application of a light foundation and a highlighter. It will give the skin a radiance and fresh appearance, thanks to the flickering particles that make up its composition. Read more: How to choose a concealer for the eyes and apply it correctly

How to choose eye shadow. Types and shades of shadows

Despite all the innovations of fashion trends, the best guide to choosing a color scheme is the color of your eyes and skin tone. Well-chosen shadows, perfectly cope with the correction of the shape of the eyes, effectively emphasize their color, and the eyes will become expressive and attractive. There are several types of shadows:

Dry eyeshadow - well laid down and easily applied with the help of an applicator, which is necessarily present in any set.

Shadows-pencil - easy to use, perfect for beginners, who decided to master the difficult case of a make-up artist.

Liquid shadows - most often represented on the market as a means of persistent and ultra-resistant. They can be used instead of piping. In their application, skill is required, as they quickly dry, then with a brush such shadows are spread very quickly. Bright and persistent color when using liquid shadows, you are guaranteed.

Shadow cream is an option of a softened pencil, a major drawback of these shadows is their rapid rolling. Read more: How to choose eye shadows. Types and shades of shadows

Make-up according to the color of the eyes. Tips for stylists

When choosing the appropriate color scheme, the following rules should be considered:

The color and shade of the shadows should in no case be the same as the color of your eyes. The effect of a faded and faded iris is not at all useful for a well-groomed appearance. Brightness of eye color is best accentuated by contrasting colors. Read more: Make-up according to the color of the eyes. Tips for stylists

Shades of eye shadow in the make-up of eyes

Light shadows well enlarges the eyes visually, if you are the owner of glasses, or you have expressive eyes by nature, then the preference is better given to darker shades. They are also useful for too prominent eyes.

Matte black, bright red and neon colors are appropriate only for parties, and celebrating the New Year. It is desirable to have a large palette of shadows for different cases.

For make-up, beige, golden, light lilac, gently blue shades are suitable for every day.

Shadows in powder can be applied wet and dry. If you need a color to tone brighter, then before applying, you should just wet the applicator.

If you are a fan of bright shimmering shadows, then multi-layer is exactly what you need. The entire mobile eyelid is covered with a light shade, leave a dark corner for the outer corner of the eye, and draw a bright line along the line of the eyelash growth. Before applying each layer, it is best to lightly powder the already existing layer, for greater durability of the makeup.

How to draw a pencil

Pencil for eyeliner can dramatically change your appearance - the eyes are given a beautiful shape, the look becomes expressive. All mistakes of drawing of pencil lines, unlike a liquid podvodki, it is easy to correct by means of a cotton swab. A cosmetic pencil has many advantages: for example, it is easy to draw arrows with it, clear lines can be shaded and give a make-up fashion accents.

Read more: How to draw a pencil eye

Lining: we give expressiveness to the look

For the debutant, you should start with a pencil, liquid-based piping will immediately reveal any flaw and imperfect application.

Most often, any piping is applied directly to the shade. For daytime make-up, gray, brown shades are suitable. For the evening - mother-of-pearl and colored pencils. To achieve a fine line, preference should be given to a hard pencil in a wooden base. On the contrary, the wax-based wax will produce a wide contour.

Pay attention to the novelty in the cosmetic industry - a capillary marker. It looks very much like a normal marker, it is convenient to handle and has increased resistance. Read more: How to dye your eyes with eyeliner

How beautiful it is to apply mascara

Unfortunately, not every girl is satisfied with the long and thick of her eyelashes. The main complaints are for dull, short and rare cilia. But in our age, everything is fixable, with most problems the carcass is coping well. It visually lengthens them and twists, gives a rich color and extra volume.

Choosing an option for purchase, you should decide what kind of effect you would like to achieve using mascara. The market now has a large assortment of such goods, for every taste and purse. Extension, for volume, waterproof, mascara with the effect of false eyelashes.

Read more: How to choose the right mascara

Using any mascara, you need to remember that applying in one layer is suitable for daytime make-up, two or three layers can only allow evening make-up. When applying each next layer, take a break for 30 seconds, in order for the previous layer to dry.

How to beautifully make up eyelashes with mascara

Important Points in Eye Makeup

If your skin is prone to grease, then all brushes and applicators should be disinfected, since the fatty skin residues collected on them serve as an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and microbes. For processing special solutions are sold, they need to soak frequently used brushes, several times a month.

To avoid irritation, rash, pimples and other troubles, do not give your cosmetics to anyone. Brushes, slings, applicators are personal means for applying makeup, using them by another person is extremely unhygienic.

Eyebrows also require constant care, they need to be given a suitable shape, since hairs protruding in different directions make the image sloppy.

Eye Makeup

In order to make the right make-up, which would emphasize your beauty, you need to know the features of your face. Perfect make-up should bring the shape of the eyes to perfection.

False eyelashes. How correctly to use them?

Not many women can boast of long, thick eyelashes. And to seduce with enchanting magic waving of eyelashes it would be desirable always ... Even the modern cosmetics not always helps to reach desirable result.

eye make-up

How to increase the eyes with makeup?

The eyes are the most expressive part of the face. It is known that with the help of make-up you can visually change the shape of the eyes, increase or decrease their size. Most women dream of large, expressive eyes. The following make-up lessons will help you become more attractive.

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