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Catalog of fashionable haircuts - 2018: name, description, photo

Fashion - 2018 is still pleased with innovation and diversity. Classic haircuts are complemented by asymmetrical lines.

Beautiful hairstyles at home: catalog

The upcoming fashion season of 2018 promises to be bright and fashionable. The most important will be careless hair style in the style of Boho.

Fashionable color and hair coloring - 2018

Fashion in the field of hair-fashion is not standing still. Every year to surprise people around the trendy hair color is more difficult.

Fashion trends in manicure 2018

Nails of natural length can be safely called an unquestionable favorite of the upcoming season. Novelties on the catwalks touched manicure nude.

Fashionable make-up - 2018

The make-up of this season is led by luminous, transparent and metallic shades. The naturalness and healthy complexion are still in vogue.

Fashion Clothes - 2017

Fashionable clothes 2017 pleases with its diversity and beauty. We will follow the advice of famous designers to stay in the trend.

How to choose a haircut according to the shape of the face

To the new haircut does not spoil the mood, you need to think carefully about whether it will be to your face, before going to the hairdresser.

Your perfect hair color

To choose a hair color that perfectly emphasizes your beauty, you must follow the individual characteristics of the color.

Cosmetic oils for hair: a catalog of medicinal properties

Nutritive oil - the first assistant for dry, brittle, split tresses. The healing properties of each oil have their own characteristics.

Horoscope of Hairstyles by Zodiac Signs

Only thanks to the hair, made in accordance with your sign of the Zodiac on a horoscope, you can achieve harmony with nature.

How to accelerate hair growth

Beauties with long chic hair have always enjoyed a dizzying success in men. Therefore, the dream of many women - to grow beautiful in beauty curls.

Mustard for hair growth

It turns out that mustard is not only a very spicy food product, but also an excellent time-tested product to stimulate hair growth.

Laminating hair home

Laminating hair with oils will qualitatively replace the expensive procedure in the salon. The curls will be covered with a soft protective film, nourish and protect them along the entire length.

Panthenol for hair restoration

Panthenol - a fashionable cosmetic product, which can be found in the composition of skin care products and hair. Adding panthenol to the mask, the desired result can be achieved immediately.

Home hair masks

If the hair is weak, there is an occasion to devote a little time to pleasant home procedures with the help of a selection of the best recipes.

Hair after summer:

The hot sun and sea water bring us a lot of fun. However, many often forget to protect their hair in time from the damaging effects of UV rays and salt.

Lunar calendar haircuts

To improve their energy after haircuts, as well as increase the growth and density of hair, it is necessary to pay attention to the favorable days for a haircut on the lunar calendar.

How to Make Eye Makeup

A good eye makeup is this make-up that will advantageously emphasize dignity and hide faults, will give expressiveness.

Perfect manicure at home

A real adornment of any woman is beautiful and well-groomed hands. Perfectly executed manicure will complement your image with a twist.

Chocolate tan

A saturated chocolate shade of the skin is always at the height of fashion. It gives the woman charm, attractiveness, creates the image of a modern lady.

Home nail design

An excellent way to help reflect your personality and creativity on the exterior is the home design of nails. Arise with original ideas.

How to get rid of cellulite

Cellulite is a common problem, which is difficult to get rid of in a short time. However, there are often situations that require decisive action.

Ground coffee from cellulite

Coffee - an excellent tool for fighting cellulite in the home. This is due to the high content of caffeine in its composition, which normalizes the metabolism.

Hair treatment in salon

To quickly bring your hair in order, you need the help of a specialist. Modern salon procedures allow you to achieve chic curls in just 1 session.

How to make a bust beautiful

Beautiful elastic breasts decorate any woman and is an object of admiration for others. Why do not the beautiful ladies resort to improve the shape of their bust.

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